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King of the Mountain returns with a bounty

If you take a look around the paddock, nearly every front running team is on Forgeline wheels. Forgeline builds the strongest, lightest and best looking wheels available and there really is no comparison. We spent some time this spring thinking of how to generate excitement and ways to entice the muscle car group to take down the imports at KOTM 4.0. The old oval track days of Clearfield Speedway (now UMI Motorsports Park) saw many a bounty placed on front runners and the idea carried through. How about a $2500 big check from one of our favorite track sponsors if a muscle car can regain the crown. Forgeline’s Dave Schardt immediately loved the idea and hopped on board to sponsor this award. We are honored to present the Forgeline Bounty to any muscle car that can win KOTM 4.0.


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Past KOTM Winners

2019 - Jeremy Swenson
2020 - Andy Smedegard
2021 - Robert Thorne

Who will be next?

Who will be crowned the next King of the Mountain?

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